I’m just a ‘nice’ guy,

Well, how to start this. I’m just a nice guy (or so I am constantly told). I started this, merely to post (less dark) poems, small extracts of thought, how I am feeling, write stuff. That’s it to be honest. Would love to hear what others think.


I don’t really understand how there’s a chasm of difference, one I’ve thought about since start of secondary school. ‘Nice guy’, a term everyone thinks is good, but don’t really know in their implicit thoughts means a person (mostly) everyone likes, but no one truly values. The guy everyone knows, but no one hangs out with.


The guy unsuitable for general interactions more than the occasional ‘hi’ and chitchat.

Yet people still try to convince me it’s a nice label.

I believe it is in acting like a nice guy, being kind. But the label is far from ‘nice’.

It’s isolated. Lonely. Painful. Like looking into a window seeing the world pass by while you’re merely ‘looking in from the outside.’


Still yet to find out how this works…


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