Everyday is a Mental Health Day

A poem I wrote for World Mental Health Day 2016. Trying to capture my own feelings, feelings I’ve heard and know about. To give a summary of the scariness, the confusion, the uncertainty that may come with mental health. Maybe to those who aren’t familiar.

I still would not consider myself familiar. Nor am I trying to capture everyone’s experience. Merely my own and what I have heard and felt, to convey to those who do not know.



The seeming pit you find yourself in,

The same routine not enough.

The pain. The suffering. The worry. All too much like you can’t breathe.

The whispers of ‘friends’, the quick snapping reply like a pair of sissors cutting through you feelings like molten metal through butter.

Curled up on the floor, shouting out but covering your mouth.

“You need to tell someone, need to get help!”
“No you can make it, have come this far”.

No friends around you, all alone, slowly sinking, slowly falling into darkness. It only takes one hand to save you, one hand to make each day bearable.


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