The Demons Inside

Written on a good day, or looking forward to a good day. A day when I was trying to feel good, to take back control. To feel good for me, away from the ‘demons’.


The demons inside me,

Fighting for control,
Fighting to consume me

I need as escape,
Need a way out.

Everyday’s a struggle,
A struggle for control,
A struggle for who I am.

Who I want to be,
Who I can be.

A struggle to live.

To live a life that is my own,
And not my demon’s.

2 thoughts on “The Demons Inside

  1. yeh, not always, people lose their will every second. but GOD> He always wins this battle. We are not as powerful as demons. The Bible states that we are a “little lower than the angels”. To ever delude ourselves of being superior is the fatal mistak. I will pray, as always for your release…I love you.


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