Those Happy Days

Written after an amazing night, one I will remember, one that has kept me mostly happy since, and has honestly saved me. One I still hold on to. But it wasn’t my ‘perfect day’, but was a better one.


When the feelings are amazing,
The friends are there for you,
Everything is good.

Those happy days are the days worth fighting for,
The days worth living for

The smile, beaming and bright, all the way till it hurts,
All is good, all is bright.

These feelings are the pinnacle of life,
Feelings of warmth,
Feelings of life,
Feelings of comfort and safety,

This is worth fighting for.
And true friends will fight with you.

All is good.
All is good.

Now it’s time to make the most of everyday,
No matter what gets you down,
It’s worth it, till that next golden day of happiness,

This is what the wait is for.
This is the need to live.
This is the life worth fighting to keep.
Fighting to hold on to.

Until the next of those happy days!


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