Those Happy-Sad Moments

Written on a bus, preparing for a great event with great people and felt really enthusiastic, but at the same time felt sad from the previous happenings. The paradox struck me.


Those moments where you’re happy and sad, may seem a paradox but it happens.

A moment of immense joy you can melt with excitement,

You can’t imagine anything getting better

You feel happy, complete, overjoyed, at home, warm,




You know it won’t last,

You know all may not be what it seems

You know it’s a façade behind a crueller world,

You feel sad, pained, conflicted and unsure

What is one to believe?…

In a great and happy world that turns sour when you find out more, or are you content in living in this ecstatic joy, ignoring what may come of it.

This is a dilemma. A dilemma of living. A dilemma of life.

A dilemma of those happy-sad moments.


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