Unending Care

One of my most favourite poems I have ever written. About caring for those, without expecting anything. Unending care.

You don’t want to see me, you hate me,

I still have unending care, no matter what you do to me, what you say to me, the pain I feel when thinking of you and how you don’t care. How you hate me.

I still have unending care, a shoulder to cry on, a person to back you up. One to help you go on, do things you can’t do alone.

I’ll always be there, I’ll always have unending care.


10 thoughts on “Unending Care

    1. I have this, always feel this, always get thrown under a bus, a recent poem, Dive Right In to Save You, is similar. Recounts how one who feels this genuinely, can get used, abused, left in pieces and lose any sense of oneself. A painful place, the worst thing is if you go back to keep caring even when clearly it’s not mutual, it’s not shown in return, or even worse, it’s used against you, you are used for their own gains. But, maybe it’s just me, I’ve seen this, yet I still go back to care some more, to be there. Even when I really shouldn’t for my own sake.

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    1. It’s complicated, we were never a couple, but are close like one. We talk to each other about lots, she calls me to come over and I do so willingly, when she’s at her lowest. I’m happy to help. But it hurt me each time. But it’s okay to make her feel better.

      We still talk, but it’s just complicated, seeing her tomorrow.

      More importantly, though, thank you for the comment, understanding and view, I truly appreciate it.

      Would love to see your works, but I cannot see any through your name

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      1. Some other people are having this problem with my blog and I don’t know how to resolve it . I’m doing the blog on my phone so I’ll send you the link . I had a gay best friend and before I knew he was gay he used to tell me he loved me and stuff. I’m straight and people thought I was gay I don’t know why so he pretended we were a couple to stop the bullying, irrelevant story hehe


      2. Many people think I’m gay, I’m not, not that there’s anything wrong with it. But I’m not. It’s because I’m so ‘nice’. Been told that more than anything in my life. At least 70 times in 1-2 weeks.

        Doesn’t help much, but glad to hear your story, it’s not irrelevant 🙂


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