Stamping Out the Flame

I poem I wrote, in casual circumstances, thinking of pain, when something pains you, you try to ignore, try to let go. It always comes back. Been trying to ‘stamp out the flame’ for months at least, on and off. Haven’t succeeded. Have been consumed by the flames many times. It’s time to try harder, even if I don’t want to. To stamp out the flame.


Stamping out the flame,

Dousing it in my tears,

Out of fear, desperation,
But wanting to hold on so dearly.

But there is no respite.

Must quickly dampen out the flame,
Must stamp out the flame, before it flares up and consumes you in its warmth.

There is no other way, if you want to survive.
This is what you must do.
Stamping out the flame, is the only way.


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