Getting Dragged Back Into the Past

I find it funny, how it can take weeks, months, or even years to escape aspects of your past. To move on from different thoughts, different feelings different situations.

Yet this amount of time, doesn’t even take into account the effort, the pain, the sadness, the emotional struggle for survival.

Yet in the end, it only takes a single conversation, sight, song, text or even Facebook conversation, and this takes you back, (almost, but not entirely) back to step one.

It fascinates me how human minds (dare I say I am not alone in feeling this, I sure don’t think it’s only me) can easily be taken back to a rough patch, rough thoughts, rough feelings and many more merely by such small, potentially trivial means that may mean nothing in themselves.


But in the human mind, may mean the world, may be totally eclipsing.


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