Taken Aback by Kindness

I am writing this, after a close friend, offered help, support, immediately after I offered support. This taken me aback, I was happy to help, and more than happy to offer any support, but surprised (not against her, but, that I didn’t deserve such kindness, nor expected to receive such, even though I knew she has offered kindness many times before) that she did. This taken me aback by quite a lot. Made me very very happy, very grateful.


Taken aback by kindness, the shock, the surprise
A helping hand, offered, with kindness, with care
I did not expect this. Do I deserve this?

I help others, without any second thought.
But someone to help me?
I can’t help but ask, myself and not them.

Why would you help me?
Why would you want to?
Why am I worth helping?

I am grateful, but unsure.
Taken aback by such kindness.

Such a kind soul, throughout whatever.
I can never offer enough help to repay her,
Never offer enough kindness that I owe her.

I am just so taken aback by her kindness.


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