Why Hurt Ourselves So?

Why hurt ourselves so?

The walk-past hoping to catch-up, the odd-text hoping in vain for a response.
The catch-up we know we’ll regret, make happen, then regret.

The feeling of being used. Being so used to being used.

Why do we hurt ourselves so?

The feelings we are left with,
Like a desert where nothing grows,
Like an ocean of darkness

The pain from within, like an army of knives aimed at all of your insides
Is this peace?
Is this comfort?
Is this life?

If so, I do not want it.


Why hurt ourselves so?
Do we even know what we do?
Or is that an illusion?
Do we know what we want?
Will the lack of pain be any better?
Will the pain ever cease? Or is that an optimistic lie we tell ourselves?

Will there ever be a change?
A change, from how we hurt ourselves so.


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