I knew the Problem. I have a Solution. Is it the Right One…

Written, when I had a good night, a great night, one where the problem’s that’s been plaguing my mind had pretty much been completely driven out, even right now after the event’s over. I ask all my friends who see this, or anyone who cars, even with the vague information. What is your true opinion on this matter as I attempt to describe?


I knew the problem, I know the problem.
I’ve seen the answer, a way out, a way out from this torture of ‘continuing’.

But I also see the solution’s flaws, it’s delaying the hardship I currently face,
Offers potential for escape, but most likely a recurrence at a later time.

It fills me with joy, happiness, care,

Something I haven’t felt in a long time…


Nevertheless it merely delays a potential problem, a regression of symptoms to an earlier stage.
Providing possible escape, but only very slim chances for this.

This is the only way, the only window, to the outside.
The outside of the darkness and solitude of my mind.
It has given me hope,
Given me something to go for,
To live for,
To hope for,
To ‘want’ for

The problems have not gone.
They have been put aside,
Only in my current state of mind.

But this must be captured,
In every way possible,

To offer me potential for escape when I wake up from this pleasant dream.
When I wake up to the nightmare.

For now I know a solution where none laid before.
But is it the right one?
Will it only delay the problem?
Is the problem inevitable?

It’s worth a try isn’t it?


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