Intricate Interactions

When good times turn sour. There are many things, unexplained, unknown, tricked, swirled and torturous, things that you see or think but see or think wrong. That you want and hope but are clearly wrong, or even wanting or hoping for things that cannot be or should not be. The waters change so fast. The storm emerges from nothing. Even this preface seems like a poem in itself perhaps.This poem tries to talk about

This poem tries to talk about emotions, and interactions, with oneself and with others, trying different methods to make something of oneself, to make oneself okay. Even when someone isn’t. This poem may be confusing, and that is because when coping by different methods is an attempt to find an answer, when you stop trying, you stop living.


Intricate interactions,


The modes of distraction,
Moving one’s thoughts from something to another,
The way one lies to themselves and others

A whirlwind of confusion.

One must find a way.

That is the only way to move on
The only way to go on.

Pushing oneself from one set of thoughts,
Like pushing a tanker with one’s bare arms,
Pushing a mountain with one’s mere strength
How can this be done?
Can this be done?
Give it a try and find out.

It’s about tricking the mind,
Making it see what you want it to see
Making a world in which living becomes possible
Making a world in which the good things are existent

This is the lie that I tell myself,
The lie I live,
To keep the demons away

Distractions are best,
Distractions are key,
Distractions are important
We need this.
I need this.
I crave this…
To no end.


You are what keep me going,
Turning a blind eye,
Looking away from the path that I walk upon,
Avoid staring fate in the eye.

Living a lie to make living possible.


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