Step Out of The Shadows. Make This World Yours.

Wrote this, after, not feeling so good, but feeling in control. After moodswing of happiness to sadness, euphoria to desperation yesterday. Listened to a song; (Believer – Major Lazer ft. Showtek), thinking of The Walking Dead’s character, Negan. How control can be taken, rolled over anyone who gets in your way. I give everything for others, and subordinate myself. Time to take back my world. Or at least to try.


Time to step out the darkness,
To make this world mine
To make my world, my own.

Our time in this world is too short.
Step out the shadows,
Take this world back
Make your mark
Leave your past behind
Wear your scars proud
When you walk into this golden future.

The future may not be bright or gold.
You will make it so.
It will be forced to be your gold

Your defiance,
Your strength,
Your passion will save you,
Will guide you,

All you care about will come with,
A united front,
Against all that life will throw at you
Nothing will hold you back

Life will hear you,
And what you have to say.


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