When Life Throws Too Many Punches

Written, after helping a dear friend, one who we never really talked, but started recently, gotten close and talked about stuff, with total care, total acceptance. I just hope and want her to feel better, it’s difficult, especially with the stuff life throws at you.

The song that inspired me to write this poem is:

Punch after punch, they keep coming,
The volley after volley with no respite
The pain, the hurt.

Carry on,
Gather the strength,
Push forward,

You can make it,
Push the troubles aside,
You’ve got it inside,
Your own excalibur, needing to be pulled from deep inside.

Know you’re not alone,
You have an army,
An army of people, those who’ve been hurt.

With us all, life’s ups and downs can throw their punches
With us we can throw ourselves,
To overcome every obstacle.


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