As I Pull Away, You Drag Me Back

Written, thinking about how you may try to move on, even if they’ve pushed you away, but then they need a friend and drag you back, you go willingly, wanting to help, wanting to care, but then they push you away, throw you out after they’re done.


As I pull away. You pushed me away. I almost escape your grasp,
Your pull,

You rip me back,
Tear my foundations,
Hold me close:

Where I want to be,
To hold you close,
To hold you dear.

Then you drop me.
Push me off the cliff face,
Throw me over the edge into the sea,
Let me drown,

I run back, to save you from drowning, when you fall, to hold you close.

Then you throw me back to the sharks, to the darkness

Again and again this happens,

Ripping me from the inside out,

I need to break free,
I try,
Through all the pain and sadness,

Yet you drag me back.
Drag me back,

To make you feel better,
I come back willing,
Wanting to give my all,
Give my love.
Give my care.

Then you throw me back,
Throw me away.

How long can this last?
How long can I last?
How long can I last like this?

You drag me back each time,
It doesn’t feel good,

But to make you feel slightly better,
That’s worth it,
I want to help. But is it worth it?

If it kills me inside.


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