Feel It Slipping. Hold On Tight.

I am writing this after a great day out with a dear friend, a lovely day out, all is good. Yet the good feelings start to slip, so much so you can feel it happening. You must hold on tight, I must hold on tight. This feeling, I know where it can take me. Time’s right to hold on tight, like your life depends on it.


The good feelings, warm to the touch,
The good times, wanting it to last forever
The good people, to hold them close, hold them dear.

Yet the bad feelings creep in,
Do not let them take hold,
You’ve been living that life for a while now,
Maybe it’s inevitable, the reckoning,
But not now.

Now you wont take me,
You may get me another day,
But not today.

For today, I am holding on tight,
Fixed to the ground in defiance,
Fixed in defiance, to feel as who I am,
Who I want to be,
Yet… sometimes cannot be.

It is just when the bad feelings creep in,
Wrap their tendrils around you,
To pull you under.

Stand up, stand firm, in defiance
I walk into the light,
And will stay there, till the light grows dim.
Maybe later, but not today.

Not today.


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