Wish I Could Save You.

Writing this, about my dear friend, the wish to help, to care, to hold, to protect. We must all fight our own battles, but we need not do it alone.


Wish I could save you,
Wish I could help you,
Wish I could spare you any and all pain.

I’d do anything to spare you from my demons,
Your demons,
The demons I’ve faced.

To save you, to help you.
Is all I want.
Is what I hope for.

To take your pain.
Even if it takes me in your place.

I care.
I care for you.
Even if you don’t know,
Even if you don’t see.

I’ll be your wall,
I’ll be your shield,
I’ll be the caring face in every time of need.

If only you knew this.

If you could see.

Lean on me when you need help,
Hug me when you need care.

I can fight my demons,
To help you fight yours.


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