I’ll Show You Me

I’ll show you me,
What I can do,
What I can achieve.

Nothing will hold me back,
I will push forward,
Nothing will stop me,
You won’t stop me

I’ll show you me and what I me and what I can do,
Who I can be,

I’ll show you.

I’ll move on.

I’ll be who I want to be.

Who I can be.

You’ve torn me down,
Thrown me around,
Hurt me,
Used me,
Left me.

I will show you.
Show you how you’ve hurt me,
Show you how you killed me.

From the ashes I’ve risen past you.


Written thinking of different things, this poem, is different, written thinking of what I should do. It is one option, one of a current dual-feeling right now.

The mood was brought about by this song:


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