Caring Too Much

Life. It gets you down. Do not mistake an optimistic outlook, (I’ve been told I’m too optimistic, kind, caring) for not seeing the shit life throws at you. I choose to make the stuff better, even through my outlook, by making another smile, making someone’s day better, even for a second.

Caring too much,
Till it hurts,
Till others’ pain hurt you,
Till everything hurt,

Everything’s too much effort

This must stop.

Time to make a change.

To stop, to put others under foot,
Everyone has times when they learn a valued lesson.

Mine is not to care.
A trait so internalised,
Internalised, to the extent that you must break free.

Step on others under foot,
Feel no remorse,
A lack of care,
Lack of compassion,

Time to rid of the care, to rid of the kindness.

Time to make a change.

A change for the worse,
But if it make life liveable
Then must it be done?


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