Life and What It Makes You.

Feeling betrayed by all you care about, taking compliments poorly dressed as compliments. The pain, the hatred, you usually brush away, you usually dismiss as in your own head.

But when they tackle it head on. Point the blame on you, your faults, your weakness, you uselessness, grab every barrier you can hold and plunge it under into the icy depths of the mind, of life, of existence.

Then you realise what life wants to make of you.

What everyone tries to corrupt you to.


A fist to the face,
A heart ripped out,
Trust of a friend carved out from your very soul,

Time to rip this out,
This life has won,
All the people have one,
I’ve given up fighting,

Internalise the pain,
Internalise the strife,
Bend it to your will,
Unleash the pain,
Unleash the anger,
Make it your own

This is how you make your life yours,
Everyone wants you to kill the kindness inside,
It’s too much trouble to keep it in,
Too much trouble to keep it penned up.

Unleash it on the world.

Show them what they made you.

This is what you asked for.

So take it.


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