Type… Delete… Type and Delete Again.

Time to type, type, type.

A deep message,
A deep message,
Full of meaning,
Full of despair,
Hoping someone may listen,
Hoping someone may hear,

Hoping someone may be therefore you,
As you try for everyone around you.

Silence is what you hear.

Silence is what you breathe.

There is nothing to greet you,
Nothing to help.

Delete the message as soon as you’ve written it.

That’s not what people want to hear,
Not people want to see,
Others tell you to hide it from others.
To rip you from yourself.

You’re alone,
Alone in the mind,
Alone in spirit,
Alone in everything.

That is life,

That is the way it is.

No matter how you convince yourself otherwise.

This is how you’ve been played.

How you’ve been reeled out in front of everyone,
Everyone who laughs,
Who scorns,
Who thinks your pathetic,
A waste of space.

Yet you tell me that you’re there for me?

Look at the above, look what you contribute to.

Do that and then tell me you’re there for me.


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