I Choose.

Written when walking home, thinking about how someone’s treated me. How I thought I was faulty, defective, bad, not even able to perceive things correctly. Someone was able to get into my head and change it from the inside, change the retrospect. To add to this, criticise me for being me, for being optimistic, for being kind, for being too nice, for seeing the world better than it is.

I wrote this, a text of truth of how I see, but also assertive defiance.


I choose.

I choose to see the best in the worst.

Choose to see the light in the dark.

Choose to help instead of leaving you to the dark,

Do not think this is ignorance,
This isn’t my ‘rose tinted glasses’.
This isn’t a flaw,
This isn’t a bad thing.

I see life as it is,
Make life what I want it,
Help others to live a better life,
Because helping them helps me make mine better.

This makes me stronger, finding a bad world,
Making it good.

You may say finding a hard world is difficult.

I assure you, finding a hard world and seeing it’s worth,
Seeing it’s value,
Seeing everyone’s value,
Seeing everyone’s bright side…
Even in their darkness,

Now that is hard.

You complain about seeing a shit world.

Try turning a shit world golden.

Now that is the hard part.

That is the hard part.

I choose to mak the world good,
To make my world good,
To make others’ world good.

If you can’t see this,
If you do not like this.

I choose to drop you.
I choose to drop your pessimism.

You’re a lost cause.

I choose to make mine and others’ world bright.

If you see that as a flaw.
Then you are my flaw.


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