Once The Flame Has Gone Out

About helping others, about keeping one thing in mind, one goal, one absolute necessity for living life. Keeping the warm flame alive. No matter what wind blows, the flame must be kept alive, kept safe. I know what it’s like for it to go out, for it to, extinguish, nothing is ever anything after that. Everything is gone. Even though, my everything is keeping the flame alive in others, only they can do that, but I do everything in my power to help.



The flame,
In its ever glorious warmth, to light up an ocean,
To light up the world when darknes descends.
Protect this light at its coldest, and it will light your entire world right up.
I try to protect others’ lights, only they can, but I help, I give the resources, I give the support, I help, I do anything I can, I will do anything I can.

Once the flame has gone out,
Once the warmth is all gone, extinguished, every flame had gone.
Everyday is a distraction, never the aim,
The aim is escape, the aim is the end.
The aim is to find and reach the finality,
A life where nothing is worth living,
Nothing is worth anything,
Everything is dead,
Everything is hopeless,
Everything is torture
Everything is pain,
Everything is hostile
Everything hurts,
Nothing is worth this.

Why am I here?
Why am I alive?


There is a single answer to this. To help others hold onto the flame I once lost.
To be the ferrymaster of the river Stix, but for life,
To help, to how the way, show the path not to walk
The path not to follow

The path that cannot be walked.
Should not be walked.
Once you walk it you cannot walk back
You cannot escape.

All you can do, is sit there, in torture.
Sit there in pain,
Sit there in life.


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