To Be Understood

Hung out with a close friend, one I’ve been seeing daily for 2-3 weeks. They are so amazing, I care about them, would always help them, would like to be there for them. They have certainly shown that they are there for me. Even at my lowest, even when I do not think they are. They are kind, helpful, beautiful.

This is the image she sent for me to look at everytime I’m down, 14938114_842104335929969_5247421158939146539_n

To be understood, to feel the warmth, the rain float away.
To hold one close,
To confide my fears and worries.
To say my doubts and tribulations
You see me at my weakest, but do not leave.

You understand my pain, help where you can,
Encourage a smile that forces everything away but one,
So kind,
So nice
You hold my hand in the darkness and let me walk with a friend.

I am by your side, no matter when, where or what.
I will be your friend,
I will try to understand,
I will always be there
I will always have unending care,
I will be here for you.

Know this, and through whatever may come and face us,
We have this. We can make it through this.
Let the world see us shine bright through all the darkness.


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