You Say Never to Leave. I Have to.

Thinking back, on pain, on good times, on close times, on lots of many things.


You say ‘never to leave’, ‘never to let you go’.
I wouldn’t, I want what’s best for you,
I’m there, a shoulder to cry on when you need,
Help with anything you do,
Care through whatever you face.
Determniation, no matter what. To help you through, and with anything.


This is where the difficult part comes.
What if when to help, I must also go?
What if my end, will help achieve your goals.
What if, to help you, I must leave you.

This is where it rips me apart.

The very thing I want, is only acheived through the very thing I do not want.

But. The final decision is for the finality, to help you, no matter what I want,
No matter what you even want.
To help you is the goal.
I will achieve that. Even if it’s my end.


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