When the Sun Starts to Shine

Those good days where everything is good, living on a high, when the sun starts to shine.

Those good days, when the Sun starts to shine,
After a long spell of darkness, corrupting.

The light fights past, shines the brightest,
Flowers grow, people smile, the world looks bright, looks safe.

To put this darkness aside, remember the Sun,
Remember the shine.
Remember the life worth living,
The Sun’s shining,

The Sun pushes past, like a boxer in the fight,
Never giving up,
Never giving in,
Even when surrounded by darkness.

One more push,
One more struggle,
That’s all I need,
Finish this, and the Sun will shine in majestic glory,
In all encompassing passion, feeling, freedom, satisfaction.

When the Sun starts to shine, there is nothing that can stop us.

Even when the Sun is gone.
There is one thing to remember…

Keep fighting,
Keep persevering,
To allow that Sun shine bright again.

This is what’s needed to get the Sun to start shining again,
Through the darkness.
The Sun outshines all.

I will add a little dedication. A small message to extreme and enormous gratitude, to my close friend Ruby, who’s been there for me when most would not, and maybe should have given up.

We all go through rough patches, like I have, like we all have and continue to do so.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, even when you can’t see it.

Thanks for being there for me, for helping me, for letting me help and listen to you. For merely being ‘One Call Away’, as I would always be for you.

Thanks for helping me find the Sun again, a long time since I’ve last seen it.

*Hope not to embarrass you XD


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