The Canvass of Life.

Life is your canvass.

All your mistakes, littered around the place,
Those brush strokes not placed,
Those strokes placed with care,
While others are rushed without a thought.

Some parts are planned,
While others are in the rush of the moment,
While others are filled with regret,
Others surprised delight.

Life is your canvass, where you aren’t the only artist.
But you are the main, you are the lead.

So grab that brush,
Make those mistakes,
Rush those strokes,
Take care with the brush,
Make a mess,
Take your time.

Overall, most importantly.
Take your canvas, make the most of it,
Make it yours.


6 thoughts on “The Canvass of Life.

    1. Painting like all art forms is about, in an abstract sense, taking the deepest, truest parts of “you” and putting parts in a unique combination into a form for others to see.

      Just realise when finishing that first part that that’s exactly what I’m doing with these poems haha 🙂

      A bit apprehensive as some of these poems can get dark. But that represents life I guess.

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