You Won’t Break My Soul Apart

Apologies, a poem, spurred on by some videos I will embed at the end.

The first video may seem silly, but it touches on the impact of a person, the media, on society, how we can make a change, stand up against the world, for good, to make the world better, to reform it. Even if it is merely a little bit each day.

This is a long ramble of a poem, to be accompanied by a blog post which I will compile. More therapeutic than anything else.

You won’t break me apart,
You won’t break me down,

I will keep going strong,
Will be strong,

Will stand fast,
Will stand tall.
No matter what comes my way,

You won’t break me apart.

With my friends by my side,

And me by their side.
Nothing will stand in my way.
I’ll pick up my friends,
As they pick me up.

You won’t stand in my way.
Not anymore.
Not anymore.

Your accusations,
Your negativity,
Your hurtful words:
Making me feel at fault,
Making me feel defective,
Making me feel worthless,

You say I’m “too optimistic”,
“Too nice”
That I’m at fault.
Make me feel defective.
Caused a stir in my mind,

Dwelling on these thoughts.

The realisation hit.
All the good in the world,
Comes from this optimism you call a fault.
To see the bad and turn it good.
To see others’ pain and make it better.

You say make yourself okay before you help others- NO.
Helping others helps them, helps you.
Waiting for everything to be okay is something that won’t happen.
Make the world better.

I see the world as it is.
I choose to see it better.
Choose to make it better.
A more difficult task than accepting it as it is.
I choose to help others feel better.
You won’t break my soul apart.

I love,
I help,
I care.

You say you lost this optimism as the world broke you.

You’re at fault.

Waiting for the world to be good,
Isn’t the way to live.

Make the world better, day by day.

You won’t break my soul apart.

I am me.

You may fault me.
I am me,
I am proud.
I will achieve what I want.
I drop you and your negativity.
You won’t break my soul apart.

That’s a promise.

The first video, started this chain of thought, reminded me, of what someone close said to me. Broke me. Made me feel I was worthless, useless, defective. Even if my closest friends told me otherwise, told me I was on the right path this person had lost. To make a difference, make a change, be ‘optimistic’ as they faulted me for. To do good by people.

Here are two songs, that I listened to and capture this poem also


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