Disturbed from the ground in which you lay,
Shaken to your core
Foundation shaken to collapse

Fear enveloping,
Darkness swallowing,
A wave of dark, wave coming to sweep you away.
Out to the dark ocean,

The dark ocean within the mind,
The pain to be found
Physical pain, a good distraction from the hidden suffering.

The terrible reminders,
The pain lingers,
The disruption to one’s core, one’s soul, one’s self.

There is no more.

There is nothing

There is the emptiness,
The darkness,
The hurt,
The pain.

The pain of the self,
The pain of existing,
The pain of being.

This disturbs me from where I lay,
To the very core,
To my very soul
To my very essence,

Totally and absolutely.
All consuming.

That is being disturbed from where you lay, where you rest.


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