What Love Means to Me

What love means to me,

Surrounding and encompassing us,

Your hand in mine, and mine in yours.

From a walk on the beach at sunset,

To laying in bed with my arms wrapped around you.

To be with you.

A shoulder to cry on,

An presence of comfort,

Words of advice,

An ear always to hear you problems, and your feelings.

A person who will be with you, even when the world turns it’s back.

Our arms wrapped around each other…

Ready to take on the world.

Nothing can stop us.

We are in complete harmony,

Though not always, we will find our way back.

Always in love, always through care, always with kindness and compassion.

This is us.

This is how we will go on.

With each other, there’s nothing to stop us.

Always a hand to hold. Even in those darkest times.
I’m writing this, through all the troubles that have come and passed, and will come again. Trying to define to myself, what love means to me.


5 thoughts on “What Love Means to Me

  1. I was very touched by your writing. I’d seen your comment on at the Edges, and was drawn to reach out to you. My husband and I suffer from depression but manage it together very well most of the time, through our love for each other. I felt you needed a hug. So here it is! Come visit us at IfWeThePeople.com, a new site that helps me to deal with reality and its strange turns in the big world out there. sharinHislove.wordpress.com is also another of our sites. So, hey, I promise we are gentle, and truly caring. It amazes me that I’m writing this, because both Erick and I suffer from social anxiety, but you seemed safe. Blessings. sharinHislove

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