Intolerant Campaign

The hurtful words,

Knives across the face,

The intolerance, the pain, the sting.

The chain yanking on your neck.

The whip cracking on your back.

Such hatred, such intolerance.

Why treat another human so.

I am ashamed. I am disgusted. To be the same species as you.

Yet the pain tears away at me.

Writing this as I have heard some highly intolerant conversations regarding some events taking place in 2016. Turned my Christmas around instantly. I was fooling myself before.

I know why this hurts, I hate intolerance, I hate the imposition of one’s will on another, I hate how simple kindness around such people seems nonexistent.

It’s worse when they are family. Not seen them in a year, enjoyed the holidays so far ignoring the fear, this intolerance reminds me of why I was away for a year.


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