Turn Away

You walk up to me,

Grab my hand.

I turn away.

Eyes stone cold.

Heart cold and unmoved.

I turn away.
And behind my back,

A tear streaks down my face,

Turning away,

To save you,

I am broken.

I am fault, incomplete.
I turn away, to save you.

From me.

I turn away,

To spare you the pain I live.

To spare you the pain.
You see, I have to turn away,

I can’t even let you know.

For then, I cannot save you.

From me.
I break my heart in two,

To save you.

I turn away.

But even though, you cannot know,

Know that it is for you.
These are some hypothetical ramblings that go on in my head, thinking about myself, what to do, who to be.

Been tempted to try and pushing away my friends till I am alone. It would be painful, but at least it may spare them.


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