The Pain of Feeling

The pain of feeling, of understanding
Feeling the pain of another, through empathy,
The caring brings pain.

Understanding and kindness,
The two-way-door,
An insight into their feelings,
Yet it takes it toll,
The pain passes, like a virus,

The caring for those in trouble,
Brings the trouble into your own heart.

It is still worth it.
To care.
To understand.
To help.

Yet it causes hurt.
Yet it causes pain.

Compassion, the great equaliser of emotions.

Opening your heart unto them, to understand.
Also opens your heart to the pain.

That is the pain of understanding.

That is the pain of feeling.



I’ve wanted to write a poem about this aspect for a couple of days now but couldn’t find words until now. This is something I’ve experienced for years, it may be a friend going through something serious like a breakup or family trouble or someone merely being upset at a trivial and silly thing that they may complain about and forget 10 minutes later. However, I try to understand their situation and feel their pain, yet it lasts, it hurts, one recent example was a familymember being disatisifed by their meal at a restaurant (something small and trivial, I know). However, I took it in, felt  bad for hours after, they were glad I enjoyed myself, but I felt like they didn’t, like they may have regretted the meal, like there was something wrong. Probably I felt worse about it than they did, I do not even know why. This is a mere recent example of something I’ve found happen many times.


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