Blog: New Year, New Meaning, New Life, Evaluating the Past Year.

It’s 2:50am on the 3rd of January, on an overnight boat to England. I was thinking about the past, the present, the future.
I post this therapeutically for myself, but this may help others. I truly believe change can occur if one tries hard enough and try to keep your morale high (I by no mean am trying to say that it’s easy, it is not. Look at most of my recent poems for evidence).
The past troubles, how people hurt me, how they accused and tore me apart and got me to do the same to myself. The present and what I need to do and choices and thoughts I need to make. While thinking about my future life and aims.
By the title I do not mean to convince anyone else that a new year means a “New you” it doesn’t, it’s a choice you need to make, even in total isolation, desperation and depression.
I know from the help, support and kind words from people on WordPress who I can, and feel proud and privileged to call a family.
I look back on those I tried to help, even hurt myself to try and help. I didn’t ask nor want anything in return, but I was given insults, blame and manipulation.
Despite this, I will continue to help and support all whom I care about as that is what I believe in most. Including my WordPress family.
It’s about convincing yourself of you worth, those who care for you, and what there is out there for you, it may not be much objectively but it can be everything subjectively!
Try to remember your worth, if you can’t in that moment be with those who can try to remind you (as I always try and endeavour to do so). Do the same for others and it will help you endlessly.
In the storm of darkness, nothing but a single light may shine. That must be held onto.
For me specifically, I need to try and rid the toxic people from my life, or at least to a point where I give up caring about them at all. Hold my friends close and try not to push them away, remember the positive aspects of life and keep true to my aims and goals while not sacrificing my main tenet that has remained dominant throughout my life thus far, kindness, unconditional kindness to all, but especially to my friends.
Wishing everyone a late, great year, of kindness, happiness and perseverance to continue to reach the next “good time”, even if out of sight, or unconvinced it exists, but remember it is there, around the corner, even if out of sight. Act with kindness and hopefully receive it in force.
A New Year, What Will You Make Of It?


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