It’s Not Enough to Exist

It’s not enough to exist,

To merely continue,

To be prolonged,

To endure,

There must be meaning, motivation.

Hope, change, smiles and tribulations.

Hurdles to conquer, goals to smash.

Something meaningful to hold,

Someone to care for and be cared for in turn,

Someone to share the ongoing, even for a little.

It isn’t enough to exist,

Like a repeated season-finale of good times, to be followed by the silence.

It isn’t enough to be judged as broken, faulty.

It isn’t enough to continue with those wanting rid of you,

It isn’t enough to exist,

Burdening the ones you love most,

Burdening the ones you care for utmost.

It isn’t enough. And it hurts.
This poem is quite a sad one, I am actually not feeling sad, but more contemplative, of feelings, of existence, of gratefulness, of how to treat others better, of how not to burden them. Of how, in essence, to exist.


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