Thank You From My Soul

Thank you from my soul,

Thank you for being there,

Holding me steady when I’ve lost my way,

Listening when I need to talk,

Talking when I need help,

Opening my eyes, even when blind.

Thank you from my soul.

For the pains I have felt.

Are undiminished,

Yet you tried anyway.

Thank you from my soul.

Thank you for those good times,

The smiles even when down-convincing me even for a second that I wasn’t.

Thank you from my soul.

For the distraction,

For sharing your feelings,

Your plights,

Allowing me to help you.

That helped me.

Thank you from my soul.

The incoherent shambles of my mind.

You bothered to give a chance, to lend a hand, to listen, advise, and most importantly to understand.

Thank you from my soul.

You have done so much for me.

More than I can comprehend,

More than I can know,

More than I want to admit.

More than words can describe.

But I can say but one thing.

Thank you from my soul.
Writing this after a good day at work, talked, joked and socialised with many friends at work and felt good, for small increments of time. A friend dropped me off home and checked on me to see if I was okay.

I lied and said All was fine, I am feeling better than before, but only kind of. Is feeling nothing worse than feeling bad? The dilemma I am thinking through.

Don’t want to trouble them anymore, nor want to make the mistake of trusting people, or being a burden. I know how people saw me before, the hopeless guy who was always down.

Can’t blame them, they try to help and in the end it stays the same. Although it does help, it still continues, can’t blame them for giving up. Can’t blame them for not wanting to be around someone who’s always down and bringing them down. I don’t want that.


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