Blog – Creative Process

Want to write a blog, I guess more of a note to self.

May help others but may not.

Just wanted to write.
May write a poem of this anyway
Watching the first two episodes of Sherlock put me in a creative process, but able to see it as I haven’t seen it before. From the outside, from what it looks like, feels like. Maybe how to cultivate it.
*a note looking back on writing this, what I originally wrote for this, I have made into a poem as it sounded right

Feeling of the creative process

  • A rush of thoughts of how to write
  • A rush of feelings for every word
  • Every little word bringing a line of poetry to mind
  • A rush, feeling without being able to describe.


  • Can be something small,
  • Something insignificant,
  • Gets you to spin a network of your making from a muse’s single thread
  • Thoughts run away with a mind of their own

How to cultivate this?

  • Let thoughts wonder, deep or shallow, let the mind go
  • Find a muse, may be an impossible task as it usually comes from nowhere. But something to promote thought. For tonight it’s from watching the new season of Sherlock, very good and thought provoking.
  • Mostly it’s being emotionally invested, and letting something lead your thoughts to deeper emotions and feelings.

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