A Wave has Washed Over Us

A wave has washed over us,

Disorienting, hurtful

An unrelenting attack with unknown force

Painful and hurtful to my friends and neighbours alike.

The wave has knocked over the wall,

The wall of solidarity,

The wall of kindness

And of solidarity with those most hurt.

I shall miss this light,

For all of its faults,

It was better than the dark, cold depths of the darkened sea that now engulfs me, and chokes the life from my essence.

All beneath the washing over of the dark, dark wave.

I don’t intend making political writings often, but my level of disgust with the rising semi-Fascism (Or maybe not so ‘semi’) across the world from a fear monger img Trump, horrific act of self-harm and racist influence of Brexit and the rise of many infra-right wing groups across the world. These are scary and fearful times.

One quote I thought related all the way back in October and still do

“The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time”

This time it’s across the world.


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