Letter To My Siren

My Siren, you’ve come back to me.

After all you’ve done.

Tore me apart.

Left me for dead.

Broke me and tossed me aside.
You come back to me,

Pretend all is okay,

Nothing has changed.

Well no. I still have the scars. The missing pieces.

You ripped out of my soul.

Why do you torture me so?

Let me go,

As I try to you.

You blamed me, for holding on,

Now your tendrils wrap around me.

Suffocating me. With your sweet laugh, your sweet voice. Your sweet lies.

Letter to my Siren.

Let me go,

Leave me go free,

Let me pick up the pieces and run.

Don’t grab the pieces to break them further.

I can’t handle another.

Yet I am drawn, as I pull away.

This has happened before.

It killed me then.
Letter to my Siren,

Will you kill me now?
Sorry for the quite deep and dark poem. A new style. Had a good night out with friends last night, a bad day today, the person I tried to keep outside of my life, tried to talk to me, even though recently I blank them. I want to forget, in totality until no memory of them is left. Yet they talk to me as if nothing happened. Pain. I’ve been here, many times before, even with this person. Always ended out bad. I wish you would leave me to forget you.


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