Carve It Out

Carve it out.

That heart that pains me,

The brain that pains me,

The gut that drags me down.

The depths that claw at me,

Bringing me into their deadly grip.

The ice cold feeling,

The burning raging inside.

The blows and strikes that weaken me,

The reality that taints me.

Being that kills me.

The grip that chokes me.

The numbness that throws me down.

This is the feeling that rips me apart.

Time to carve it out.

Carve out what makes me, me.

Carve out the feeling, the love, the pain, the suffering.

No matter the toll it takes.

The feeling that bursts out of my chest in flames.

The silence, my only friend.

Yet also my enemy.

The deadly grip wrapping itself around my neck.

To carve out the heart.

Leaving me with nothing.

An empty vessel.

A pained juxtaposition.

Carve out the heart that breaks me.


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