Tear of Me

Insipired by Selena Gomez’s “It Ain’t Me”. For those I love and the dear friends I’ve had the privilege of knowing.
Tear of me,

Holding you close,

Holding you dear,

Knowing it’s a lie,

That I need to pull away, hold back, stay away.

That’s the tear of me,

Streaming down my cheek,

The walks, the laughs, the great times.

All a mirage before my very eyes.

As I know I have to erase this.

The erasing of a dear memory,

Like walking down death row,

The onward journey, reluctant to take.

The fading of being, memory or true,

The knowing of finality.

Being left with nothing at the end.

Tear of me.

It’s all me.

There are two ways this goes,

An ambulance, or an empty vessel.

I’m sorry my dear friend, I’ll be gone before you ever know this.

This is the tear of me.


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