What’s wrong with me

Falling willingly into the trap I’ve set,

Throwing myself against the wall,

Tears blinding,

Pain burning,

Anger is my only friend, an escape from the sadness.

A break from the pit,

The chasm of torture.

What’s wrong with me,

Everything feeling,


Not knowing.

Break the inside out.

Down a pit I can’t get out.

The tunnel I can’t see the exit.

What’s wrong with me?

This feeling.

Cannot be right.

Nothing to do.

It’s irrational,

I know it is.

Just can’t feel that, can’t see that.

What’s wrong with my eyes to blind me from what I know.

To break out of this cage,

Rupture the norm,

Embracing the numbness and ripping it out.

What is wrong with me?


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