Wasted Summer’s Sun

Why oh why wasted summer’s sun.

The good times, the good weather.

Empty to my cold soul.

Inadequate to everyone’s joy,

Irrelevant to everyone’s good feelings.

Empty, broken, faulty.

Why oh summer’s sun do I waste you.

A commodity in finite supply.

Wasted to my feelings.

Empty to everything.

Only to leave a scar of waste,

To add to the scar of emptiness.

The body my scar over, and scar over again.

Leaving you weaker.

To this wasted summer’s son.

The good friends missed.

The lack of feeling,

With any feeling shown, a mere pretence.

Oh summer’s sun. I waste you. Everyone leaves me. Quite rightly.

When the sun shines bright. You can’t focus on the rain.

Leave me drowning in the well.

Go on.

I will find rest, will find peace. The only way I know how.

Leave me, this summer’s sun is finite.

Leave me drown.

To the wasted summer’s sun.


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