That rushed feeling,

Intense happiness.

All going well, all is good.

The upbeat song,

The flexing of my mind’s happiness.

Able to lift any crushing weight.

Able to throw down any opposition.

The light that the darkness can’t touch.

The strain cannot overcome.

The rush and exhilaration throwing me off balance.

Running down the hill of life.

Grinning such a smile of glee and excitement.

Living life to the fullest.

Batting aside any opposition.




Giddy In Love

The sweet taste of your words,

The warmth of your care, how I want to hold you close,

Make you feel valued when alone,

Feel wanted when hurt.

The feeling of running around on the spot, energised by a quick word.

Wanting to laugh and cry-happy from the slight glance.

Questions into your life, a welcome sign of care.

One which you play in your mind over and over and over.

The beauty to be seen,

Kindness felt,

Warmth shared.


Am giddy in love.

This glee, is but part of the whole story.