Feeling Once Forgotton

This feeling once forgotten,

A change, a shift.

New experience yet also old.

That beautiful smile, that cute laugh, the happy smile, the way it makes me feel.

The purity and kindness I feel, after being numb so long.

The bright feeling,

To drop all and run.

With you.

We got close, I fell into…

Into loving you…

Into caring.

This feeling once forgotten,

The love without the lies, without the pain. Without the ignorance and loss.

The smile you make when I put my hand on your back,

Causes me to beam like a lighthouse, breaks through me.

Consumes me.

This cannot be real.

But I hope it is.

I will hold it close, hold onto it dear.

This feeling once forgotten.

This feeling once forgotten.

The care, excitement, reality.

Doing anything to continue this high,

Prolonging the burst,

Waiting to see you,

Messaging you too much,

Waiting to hear your voice, holding onto every word you said,

Playing the conversations again, dissecting them for insight.

To see if it’s real. What I feel.

This feeling once lost,

This feeling once forgotten.

I have found you.

Through no fault of my own.

How did I ever live without you?

This feeling once forgotten.

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