Mirrored Reflection

Life is a mirror, 

What you show you get in return.

Give kindness, happiness, hope, even in your darkest depths. As much as you can give, you will receive a surplus.

Or otherwise focus on the missed opportunities, the hardships, the pain, the emptiness, the shallow words. The pained beginnings and live this way forever.

Change in your world,

Change in your life,

Starts with a sort by you.

The movement,

Maybe not a solo one.

But one you must decide to start.

Finding treasure only happens when you start to look.

Nothing happens without a first step.

A change.

For the better or worse.

Take that first step or lose the ground you stand on.

Life is a mirrored reflection of the multitudes.

What was,

What could be,

What is thought,

What will, but is not known,

What will and is known.

All of these starts with an action.

Take it yourself to makes this mirrored reflection yours.