Scars You Left Behind

Getting close again,

After all we’ve been through.

You hurting me,

Using me,

Playing me.

Now we’ve gotten close, the feelings flood back.

I still have the scars you left behind,

The ones you etched into my heart,

Ripped into my soul.

Broke me apart to write.

It all comes back, the scars remain,

They pain,

They remind.

No matter how much you want to meet up,

Want to talk,

Want to use me.

You’ve ripped those scars into me.

Thrown me into a pit of knives.

The worst thing. That pit is relaxation.

Relaxation from you.


You give me life,

Make me happy,

The scars tell a different story.

Remind me of the undercurrent.

Remind me of the pain.

A point where I begged for death,

A painless alternative,

A welcome comfort.

A needed pleasure.


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