Ghost Memories

Those ghost memories.

Those times,

Those places that remind me of you.

Those times together.

Those chats.

Those fun moments,

Those fun times.

That look you give me.

Those smiles,

That cute sound,

That cute laugh.

The gift of the world,

That warmth.

That love.

Those feelings.

Those small conversations 

Those small conversations,

The new worlds,

The intricate realities 

The being,

The intricate connections,

That care.

The living in the moment,

Being in the present.

Loving the life living.

Being the person, who is in that moment.

All from those small conversations.

Worth it.

Living it.

Being it.

Being in the present.

Those times.

Those small conversations.

That is the catalyst for being.

For being.

For living.

Those small conversations.