Echo of You

The echo of you, that you leave me with.

That echo of you, burned into my mind, etched onto my skin.

An inescapable echo of my feelings, both the past and the present.

The ever-asked questions,

Being left answerless.

Left alone in the solitude of the darkness.

That is, the cost of being,

The cost of living,

The cost of caring.

Putting someone else first,

One you hold dear,

Making your life, less bearable, to make theirs more so.

Hiding your pain, to make them smile.

This pain, the hurt.

Maybe it is worth it, to make your day,

To make you smile.

No matter the darkness I find myself,

Know that the echo of you lives on in my mind.

Gives me something to hold on to.

When darkness is all else that is left.


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