Being, Feeling, Caring

Being… Feeling… Caring.

Being there beside you,

Your hand in mine, assuring you, I am always there.

To confide, to help, console, love and hold.

There is the feeling, your soft hair, kind smile, cute laugh, glowing personality. You leave me breathless.

Unable to comprehend,

The ecstasy of living that moment.

Having you beside me.

Then there is that caring.

Those deep conversations,

The patience to listen, to you, and me.

That caring look, kind compassion.

Your unparalleled kindness, that I unintentionally betray, through my insecurities, worries. My past.

If you would be there for me? I do not know. I only hope.

I know I would always be there for you.

How do I?

That being, loving and caring.

I love to be with you, love to make you feel special, feel wanted, feel as though someone cares.

That’s an unconditional promise I leave you.

My promise of being… loving… and caring.


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